Encouraging Healthy Sexuality for Widowed Parents



Participants will:

1. Recognize how people are sexual beings from birth until death.

2. Identify several techniques to encourage healthy sexuality among their parents or older- adult loved ones.

3. Practice techniques for communicating about healthy sexuality with older-adult parents and loved ones.


Societal messages regarding older-adult sexuality are often negative. As family members, it is important to normalize and validate an older adult’s right to fully experience his/her sexuality. It can be difficult for adult children to accept their parent’s decision to begin a new relationship after the death of a spouse/partner. Nevertheless, beginning a new relationship can be healthy and an act of self-care when supported by family and friends. During this session, participants will take part in activities that will help them to empathize with the feelings of older loved ones who are experiencing and exploring sexuality after the death of a spouse or partner.

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