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The Center for Sex Education offers trainings, lectures, and keynote presentations on any of its manuals, and a variety of other topics. For more information, email

It costs nothing to request a training, and when you do, the CSE will negotiate very reasonable fees depending on the kind of training program you need.

Audiences can range from college-aged participants, to health educators in the field. For more information, email

Considering a presentation? Below are topics that have been presented as keynotes and workshops.

  • The A-B-Cs of S-E-X: Answering Young Children’s Questions
  • Is Homer Simpson Sexually Healthy? Assessing the Sexual Health of TV Characters
  • Making Sense of Abstinence
  • Older, Wiser, Sexually Smarter: Sex Ed for Ages 50 & Up
  • On a LARC: Teaching about Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives
  • Sex Ed 101
  • Sex Ed in the Digital Age
  • Sex Ed in the USA
  • Sexuality and Disability
  • Sexuality Teacher’s Toolbox
  • Streetwise to Sex-Wise: Sexuality Education for High-Risk Youth
  • Talking with Teens about Sex
  • Teaching about Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships
  • Teaching about Sexual Consent for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities
  • Teaching Abstinence, Contraception, and Sexual Health
  • Teaching Safer Sex
  • Unequal Partners: Addressing Power and Consent in Relationships
  • What’s So Funny? Using Humor in Sexuality Education

For more information, email

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