Dating Skills


Participants will:

1. Discuss with peers how people might behave in a variety of situations involving dating and sexual touch.

2. Discuss dating skills.

3. Listen to what teens of the other sex think about situations involving dating and sexual touch.


When researchers have asked teens what they want to discuss in sexuality education programs, they express the desire to know more about relationships and how to negotiate them. They also say they want to talk about what’s real for them – feelings, fears, passions, embarrassment and romance. So often, young people believe that they learn too much about what goes on in their bodies and not enough attention is focused on their attitudes, values, and feelings.

This activity offers the opportunity for students to discuss all kinds of feelings – being attracted to someone, feeling nervous on a date, figuring out what to say, recognizing and affirming sexual feelings, deciding how to deal with those feelings. Too often teens find themselves having to make important decisions in the midst of these feelings when they cannot think clearly.

This lesson requires a skilled facilitator who can create a safe and appropriate environment in which teens can express themselves. It’s important to avoid the impression that all teens are or should be involved in romantic relationships or engaging in sexual activity. It is true, however, that all humans have emotions and feelings.

Before leading this session, read each of the stories and make any changes in language that you feel are appropriate for students in your program. If you won’t have the time to discuss both Larry’s Story and Diane’s Story, you may need to choose one or the other, depending on the characteristics of your group, or discuss them in separate sessions.

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