By the end of this lesson, participants will be able to:

1. Identify reasons people do not talk with a partner about safer sex.

2. Describe the attitudes about sex that are reflected in the slang terms used for sexual body parts and behaviors.

3. Demonstrate ability to talk with a partner about sex in a variety of situations.


Few of us have life experiences that promote honest communication with a partner about sex. Most young children do not learn the correct names of their body parts; most girls learn no names at all for their genitals. Much of sexuality education that does exist still focuses on reproduction, avoiding discussion of pleasure and desire. Sex talk is cloaked in slang, jokes and gossip. And romantic images in the media create a dangerous fantasy world where couples rarely discuss setting limits or negotiate for safer sex. This lesson seeks to alert participants to these problems and, through role-play, to normalize talking with a partner about sexual safety.

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