Sex, Ethics, and Communication

by Valerie Peterson

Sex, Ethics, and Communication offers not only sound information, but also a rich perspective that encourages people to reflect on ethical and relational issues that are entwined with sexual choices. This book would be especially valuable to young people who are just becoming sexually interested and active.”

–Julia T. Wood, Lineberger Professor of Humanities,Caroline H. and Thomas S. Royster Professor of Graduate Education, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Sex, Ethics, and Communication addresses the need for a thoughtful consideration of sexuality and sexual communication. This text is ideal for college instructors aiming to encourage student discussion on the ethics of sex and the relationship of sex to communication. This book is also designed for young to middle-aged adults who want to have “good” sex, in other words, people who want to consider the ethics of sex and sex-relevant communication. These readers include people who are not married but who are having a sex life of some sort, people who have not yet had sex but are thinking about it, people who want help communicating about sex, people who are divorced or widowed/widowers and back in the dating scene, straight or gay couples, and married couples interested in trying to figure out how to negotiate sex as an interpersonal activity.



Sex, Ethics, and Communication is organized in three parts:

-Sexual ethics–discussing responsibility, vulnerability, the problems of categorization, and different ethics of communication.

-Sex and communication–discussing how sex is a form of communication, how sex and spoken communication interact, and how sex is spoken about in cultural metaphors and narratives.

-The way ethical sex is related to other territories of cultural concern–work, pay, marriage, gay marriage, abortion, child rearing, and more.




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