In this category you will find sex ed books that were published by outside companies. While we do pride ourselves in providing the best accurate, quality information about human sexuality and sex education, we also understand that there are a number of titles out there that can offer unique perspectives on these sensitive subjects. As such we are providing the sex ed books in this category to help you complete your education.

The sex ed books found in this section of the store cover a variety of topics. This includes basic human sexuality, with books that can be used to self educate, or teach children of varying ages. We also have books with more advanced topics such as sexual health, abstinence, and abortion. These can be used for more in depth study and education.

Another way to make use of these sex ed books from other publishers, is to employ them during sensitive talks with children about these subjects. It can often be difficult to discuss even the basics of sex with children, so these books can be great resources for doing so, allowing the author to do the hard work while all you have to do is point out passages that you find particularly useful.

These great sex ed books from other publishers can also be used to complete a sexual education, with a wide range of topics covering nearly every aspect of human sexuality. That can be great for helping you to better understand how the body functions, for your own safety and knowledge, and so that you can pass on that info by educating others.

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