By Jennifer Reynolds Valerio and Doris Moran


By the end of this lesson, participants will be able to:

1. Recognize how alcohol and other drugs can influence sexual decision-making.

2. Review basic facts about sexuality and substance use.

3. Examine potentially risky situations and identify ways to avoid or reduce their risk, and resources for finding help.


Often the messages teens get about sex and drugs are one and the same — “Don’t do it!” The sobering reality is that many do. Teens who drink are seven times more likely to have sexual intercourse and twice as likely to have multiple partners than those who do not drink. Teens who use other illicit drugs are five times more likely to have intercourse and three times as likely to have multiple partners than those who do not use.[1]

Alcohol and drug use can affect one’s sexuality, relationships and sexual decisions, resulting in unplanned sexual behavior, unprotected sex and increased vulnerability to sexual assault. Further, knowing that alcohol and drug use is illegal, teens may be reluctant to seek help. This lesson will help teens understand basic facts about the relationship between drugs and sexuality, the impact of drugs on sexual decisions, and how to find help.

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