Puberty Kit

This kit is perfect for sex educators teaching about puberty. This collection contains our manual Changes, Changes, Changes, It’s Perfectly Normal by Robie Harris, and Dr. Mary Jo Podgurski’s book Nonnie Talks about Puberty.

77.00 plus S&H

School Health Sex Education Kit

The School Health Sex Education Kit is an excellent, comprehensive resource geared specifically to teaching students in grades 3 – 12. From Changes, Changes, Changes, an acclaimed resource on puberty education to Teaching Safer Sex, a 2-volume, 50 lesson set, the topics include puberty education, healthy relationships, consent, gamified lesson plans, dealing with technology, contraception, and… Read more »

$499 plus S&H

Healthy Relationship Kit

This kit is focused on supporting educators in teaching healthy relationships.   Sex Ed in the Digital Age, Vols 1 and 2 support students in engaging with social media and online resources in a healthy and open manner.  Let’s Erase Bullying helps students to understand the consequences of bullying, and to empower them to end the… Read more »

$149 plus S&H

Middle School Kit

This kit is ideal for those teaching middle school students the basics of health and sex education – includes lessons on puberty, bullying and understanding abstinence, perfect for educators to help students navigate this time of life. This kit includes: Changes, Changes, Changes Making Sense of Abstinence Let’s Erase Bullying Game On  

$149 plus S&H

High School Kit

This kit is aimed at educators teaching high school students about healthy relationships, sexual orientation, navigating the internet and sexuality.  This kit includes 25 Great Lessons on Sexual Orientation Great Mentoring Sex Ed in the Digital Age, Vols 1 and 2 Teaching Safer Sex, Vol 1 and 2 Unequal Partners, Vol 1

$349 plus S&H