By Tammy Miller, MSEd


By the end of this lesson, participants will be able to:

1. Identify five different methods of communication teens use to keep in touch with friends.

2. State three possible consequences of “sexting.”

3. List five personal rules for “safe tech” use.


In the rapidly changing world of technology, new methods of communication are being developed every day. One of these methods — texting — is redefining how teens interact with one another. Research indicates that teens send and receive about 100 text messages a day! The immediacy of this form of communication in conjunction with inaccurate perceptions of privacy has led to unintended legal and social consequences for young people. In this lesson, participants are invited to explore the potential benefits and consequences of tech use.

Notes: Sexting laws vary in every state. Check with your local district attorney’s or sheriff’s office for information on current laws on sexting in your state.

Because this lesson utilizes several learning opportunities and modalities that build upon and reinforce key points for participants, it is suggested that the lesson be conducted over more than one session if possible.

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