Portrait of a Successful Condom User


By the end of this lesson, participants will be able to:

1. Identify the qualities they would expect in a person with whom they would have an intimate relationship.

2. Describe the characteristics of a person who would be a successful condom user.

3. Evaluate their personal qualities to determine whether they are a person a partner could rely on for a safe sexual relationship.


The popular “personal” ads online and in the newspapers are full of self-descriptions, marketing personal characteristics the individual believes will make him/her attractive to a potential partner. Typical ads feature a person’s appearance, favorite activities and criteria for the ideal partner. Rarely, if ever, is anyone looking for a partner who will be willing to practice safer sex. Given the current high risk rate of contracting a sexually transmitted infection, this lesson advocates an expansion of the definition of sexual attractiveness to include a person’s willingness to communicate about and practice safer sex.

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