Sexuality Educators Par Excellence



Participants will:

1. Compare becoming a sexual person for youth today with when they were young.

2. Identify the many forces influencing young people and the importance of responsible adults taking on such a role in sexuality education.

3. Explore the specific ways grandparents can be a positive influence in the sexual learning of their grandchildren.


Although there is much agreement about negative societal influences on the sexual development of young people, for a variety of reasons many parents do not provide sexuality education sufficient to help children and youth negotiate the difficult decisions they must make in today’s world. Savvy grandparents can play an important role, by providing nurturing love and support and also by providing specific information, counseling, and resources. This lesson encourages grandparents to think of ways they can help grandchildren develop values and skills in a sexually challenging society. In doing so, grandparents must respect the primary responsibility and rights of parents, so that their messages do not conflict with parents’ values.

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