By the end of this lesson, participants will be able to:

1. Describe common feelings and attitudes about the meaning of using a condom.

2. Identify the most recent data regarding the effectiveness of condoms.

3. Evaluate a variety of brands and types of condoms and personal lubricants.

4. Recognize a variety of locations to find condoms and personal lubricants.


Many people resist using condoms. Some people fear that to suggest using a condom is to suggest one’s partner or oneself is infected. In this lesson participants confront the issue of talking with a partner about condom use, and in addition, reflect on the impact negative attitudes may have on a couple’s ability to protect themselves. Participants examine and evaluate a variety of brands of condoms and personal lubricants; overcome common aversion to touching condoms; learn there are many different types of condoms and lubricants (if one is not satisfactory, try another); and become confident as consumers should they ever decide to use condoms for protection against infection and unplanned pregnancy.

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