Come get your KITS by the CSE!

Sex Ed Starter Kit

This kit is great for new sex educators!

Puberty Kit

Puberty Kit

This kit is great for sex educators teaching lessons about puberty.

Healthy Relationship Kit

Healthy Relationship Kit

This kit contains all of the resources you need to discuss healthy relationships!

Sex Ed Deluxe Kit

With this kit, you will get ALL of the CSE manuals at a discounted price.

School Health Education Kit

This kit is GREAT for school health educators.

Middle School Kit

Middle School Kit

This kit is PERFECT for sex educators working with middle school students.

High School Kit

This kit is great for teaching high school students.

Contraceptive Education Kit

These kits provide you with demo items & manuals to teach folks about contraception.

NEW from the CSE


This 55-lesson, two-volume manual is HERE! The editors have received extensive praise, including an endorsement from former U.S. Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders.

Great Mentoring

This resource is great for educators, nurses, volunteers, and other professionals who work with young folks.

Let’s Erase Bullying

If you are looking for a teaching resource to help empower your youth to stop bullying, look no further.

Positive Images: Teaching about Contraception & Sexual Health

Positive Images

This resource is perfect for teaching about contraception, including the different methods, risks, decision making, and advocating for one’s own reproductive health.

Streetwise to Sexwise

This newly updated manual provides a comprehensive model for teaching human sexuality to high risk teens.

Teaching Safer Sex: Abridged Edition

This NEW manual has 10 updated lessons from Teaching Safer Sex!

25 Great Lessons about Sexual Orientation

This resource was written to help learners better understand a variety of sexual orientations and to represent their lived experiences.

Unequal Partners

This two part manual provides a comprehensive, trauma informed resource to teach young folks of all ages about consent, power dynamics, and relationships.

MORE Great Resources from the CSE

Changes, Changes, Changes

This manual provides sex educators with an arsenal of lessons for teaching about puberty!

Game On!

This resources provides interactive lessons for teaching about sex!

How I Got Into Sex Ed

This resource provides a collection of experiences from sex educators in the field.

Older, Wiser, Sexually Smarter

This text addresses sexuality and aging. It reframes sexual scripts and addresses the sexual experiences of adults.

Sex Ed 101

This manual is a 10-lesson manual written to facilitate sex education

Sex Ed in the Digital Age

Are you working with a digitally native population? Great! This resource is for you.

Teaching Safer Sex

Winner of the AASECT Book Award, with 50 lessons for teaching about safer sex, STI prevention, and sexual health.

Even MORE Great Resources by the CSE

All Together Now

This resource is a 5-lesson, evaluated curriculum intending to teach students about contraception and safer sex.

Educating About Abortion

This resource is great for educators wanting to engage individuals in learning the facts and clarifying their values about abortion.

EnseƱando el Sexo Seguro

Are you looking for a Spanish translation of Teaching Safer Sex? Here’s the resource for you.

Births, Bodies, & Babies

This manual addresses sexuality education in early childhood programs.

Making Sense of Abstinence

This resource is comprehensive, inclusive approach to defining abstinence, and making it part of the conversation.

Looking for additional resources? Check out our page devoted to the latest books and resources published by friends of the CSE!