Ever wonder what inspired sex educators? Now you can find out!

An anthology of over 60 essays from sexuality educators in the field, this book differs from all other CSE publications.


“What an entertaining and informative way to learn about the role of sexuality education in our lives.  Each of these authors presents their unique entrée into this field in a brief, easy to read essay and collectively they provide a tapestry of professional pathways and the role sex can play in our lives—professional that is!  A fun read.”

Pat Paluzzi, CNM, DrPH
Healthy Teen Network

“What a pleasure it was to read these moving and sometimes funny essays. I am hard pressed to pick a favorite since there are essays from people who’ve been in the field for decades (their insights were moving) and the freshness of those who are “new” to the field. This is a great place to start a number of conversations such as “should I get into the field?” and “can I really make a difference?” I think anyone who reads this book will be able to answer both with a resounding yes. Again, congratulations!”

Lynn Barclay
American Sexual Health Association

How I Got Into Sex…Ed is a treasure! If you’ve ever wondered if this path was right for you or what it feels like to be a sex educator or how to get the right kinds of education, training, or opportunities to work as a sexuality education professional, this book is for you!”

Debby Herbenick, PhD, MPH
Director, The Center for Sexual Health Promotion &
Sexual Health Educator, The Kinsey Institute
Indiana University

“One of my favorite conversations with anyone who is even closely related to the field of sexuality education is to hear their story on how they actually got into ‘sex ed’.  We each have our own story and there are very few repetitions because it is such a personal journey.   This tome is that   personal voyage reminding the reader of the passions, joys and challenges of why we are in the exciting field of sex ed.”

Konnie McCaffree

“Sexuality educators are highly devoted to their profession and they have individual paths to their career. How I Got Into Sex…Ed is an excellent and fascinating book that includes an impressive collection of stories how a large number of sexuality educators initially got their inspiration to their favorite mission. This path has been full of surprises, fortunate coincidences, and excellent colleagues who inspired them to select a career that they have not regretted. They all seem to be grateful for this turning point in their lives and they enjoy and love what they have been able to do since then. I persuade you to become acquainted with these stimulating stories.”

– Prof. Osmo Kontula, Chair of Sexuality Education Committee
World Association for Sexual Health (WAS)

“For the first time, a book brings together the voices of seasoned and well-respected individuals to tell their story on How I Got Into Sex…Ed. As you read the essays, one thing that definitely comes across and that is PASSION and PURPUSE is essential.  The editors created an important resource that galvanizes the different perspectives of professionals who have devoted to their careers to sexuality education. Anyone involved in the expansion of Sex Ed will treasure this book because it provides another avenue to help individuals become reflective and introspective.”

    Trina Scott
    Women of Color Sexual Health Network

How I Got Into Sex… Ed

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