10 easy, comprehensive lessons for sex educators!

Overview of Sex Ed 101

Sex Ed 101 is a 10-lesson manual written to facilitate comprehensive sex education. These lessons address many elements essential to comprehensive sex education, including abstinence, contraception, safer sex, sexually transmitted infections, decision-making, problem-solving, life- planning, love and relationships, and more. In addition to the 10 lessons, Sex Ed 101 includes a “Teacher’s Toolbox,” illustrating the basic formulas behind common sex ed teaching strategies, warm up circles, sentence stems, small group activities, and more.

Making Sense of Abstinence
This lesson helps young people recognize that “abstinence” is a far more complex, difficult concept than it is often portrayed as being. Participants examine what “abstinence” means to different people, as they each come to terms with what abstinence means to themselves.

Oral Sex and Abstinence:
Examining the Role of Intimacy in Sexual Decisions
This lesson addresses concerns many health professionals have about reports of oral sex among young people and its risk of transmitting sexual infections. Participants explore and clarify their beliefs about oral sex and intimacy and how oral sex relates to their decisions about abstinence.

Don’t Pass It Along!
This lesson dramatizes the rapid geometric progression possible in the spread of a sexually transmitted infection and addresses the reasons why many people do not protect themselves. It uses incidence and prevalence charts to demonstrate the large number of people who are infectious and emphasizes the importance of honest assessment of one’s own risk.

Protection is the Key:
This lesson helps participants recognize their risk for HIV infection. It addresses the information, attitudes, and skills necessary for risk reduction. The activities enable teens to talk with their peers about the necessity of practicing safer sex.

Choosing Condoms
This lesson allows participants to address the issue of talking with a partner about condom use and the impact attitudes may have on a couple’s ability to protect themselves. Participants examine and evaluate a variety of brands of condoms, enabling them to overcome the common aversion to touching condoms, and to become confident as consumers should they decide to use condoms for protection against infection or pregnancy.

The Condom Line-Up
This lesson is designed to relieve participants’ anxiety about using condoms by increasing their confidence in condoms as a reliable form of contraception and STI/HIV protection. The popular, interactive “Condom Line-Up” activity, and follow-up discussion, addresses how to use a condom correctly. The “Opening Lines” exercise addresses the difficulty teens may have starting a discussion with a partner about using a condom.

Choices and Consequences:
Making Decisions about Contraception
This lesson emphasizes the choices and consequences that are inescapable when a male/female couple makes the decision to have intercourse. It gives participants an opportunity to assess the considerations that go into making a decision about contraception. Working in pairs, participants experience decision-making with someone of the other gender, to become better able to communicate responsibly with a partner if and when the time comes to do so.

Is This Really Love?
Learning about Relationships
This lesson helps young people learn about love, romance, and the characteristics of a healthy, loving relationship, while also increasing their awareness of the signs of an unhealthy relationship.

Included in Sex Ed 101:

  • Teacher’s Toolbox: Favorite Strategies for Sex Education. Basic strategies to construct your own lessons, whatever the topic!

“Highly recommended for all sex educators! A treasure chest of engaging activities for adolescents!”
Dr. Michael Carrera

“Taken from over 200 lessons in manuals developed by [The Center for Sex Education], the 10 lessons in Sex Ed 101 are perfect for the education setting with limited time. Updated with language and content necessary for youth in the 21st century, lesson instructions are simple and students are challenged to apply their learning to situations in their own lives.

The “Educator Resources” and “Teacher’s Tool Box” are gems and educators will find all the worksheets and helpful ideas to develop stimulating, interactive, important lessons. This resources in invaluable for anyone teaching sex education, whether through an agency, religious institution, or school.”
Konnie McCaffree, PhD
Independent Sexuality Education Consultant

Sex Ed 101 presents a broad array of lessons and exercises on issues young people need to grapple with as they make decisions about abstinence and sexual involvement. Each lesson is clearly explained and contains the handouts and information needed to teach it. The book also contains a number of adaptable, interactive strategies for use with a wide variety of topics. An excellent resource for both novice and experienced sexuality educators!”
Betsy Neale
Kentucky Teen Pregnancy Coalition

Sex Ed 101 is packed with facts, useful exercises, and thoughtful challenges designed to generate discussion that clarify feelings and foster understanding and empowerment.”
Judith E. Steinhart

Sex Ed 101

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