Exploring Online Relationships



Participants will:

1. Recognize the benefits and possible problems of using the Internet.

2. Identify ways to use the Internet responsibly.

3. Explore ways the Internet can enhance relationships and sexual experiences.

4. Construct a personal advertisement.


The Internet is an ever-growing source of sexuality information and misinformation. People use the Internet to form relationships, get medical advice or information, create sexually expressive diaries, explore erotica, or to educate themselves. Older adults are logging more hours online chatting and surfing the web than any other age group. This includes sending or receiving e-mail, utilizing social networks, chat rooms, and blogs, being a part of online discussions, or shopping and browsing websites. However, there is evidence that older users are less likely than younger users to take precautions against intrusions and fraud. The purpose of this lesson is to help older adults feel more comfortable using the Internet responsibly to form relationships and access sexuality information.

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