Participants will:

1. Define intimacy.

2. Evaluate a variety of behaviors for degree of intimacy expressed.

3. Examine the “Triangular Theory of Love” for changes in characteristics as people age.

4. Identify common barriers to communication and intimacy.

5. Utilize Transactional Analysis as a strategy for overcoming communication barriers to intimacy.


We are surrounded by a plethora of advertisements and images promoting “better sex for a lifetime,” but most focus on physical prowess and neglect what may be the most important component of sexuality, intimacy. Intimacy happens when two people truly connect with each other, listen to each other, understand and support each other. The barriers to this intimate connecting are many. This lesson promotes discussion of the issues and encourages exploration of ways to overcome the barriers to intimacy by learning to communicate honestly with a partner.

Note: To really understand The Triangular Theory of Love, we recommend reading The New Psychology of Love by Robert Sternberg and Karen Weis; to better understand Transactional Analysis we recommend reading Born to Win: Transactional Analysis with Gestalt Experiments by Muriel James and Dorothy Jongward.

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