Skills to Navigate Challenging & Turbulent Waters



Participants will:

1. Understand how to overcome roadblocks and inhibitions in conversations about sex.

2. Enhance their ability to initiate discussions about sex.

3. Have a new skill set and formats to make discussions about sex easier.


Talking about our most intimate needs is at best challenging, often intimidating, and at worst, terrifying. Even in the most solid of long-term relationships, it can be difficult to discuss feelings, attitudes, needs, and wants about sex. This session gives participants an opportunity to overcome personal mindsets that block open communication about sex, learn a continuum of skills to initiate open conversations, and discuss the subject of sexual needs and wants using several formats. This session allows participants the freedom to ask for what they want and need, and listen to the needs of others without judgment.

Note: This session is longer than the typical lesson in this manual. You may choose to conduct this lesson in two parts, focusing on simple communication issues in the first session, and then continuing with complex issues in the second session. A natural break between these two sub-sections would follow procedural step 10.

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