1. To provide parents with background information about adolescent growth and development.

2. To inform parents of the goals and objectives of the puberty education program.

3. To provide parents with an opportunity to experience selected lessons from and the puberty education curriculum.

4. To familiarize parents with the professionals who will be teaching the family life program.


One of the strongest and most persistent fears of family life educators is that parents will be opposed to the introduction of sexual issues into the curriculum. This fear creates a condition where the school perceives parents as automatic adversaries of the puberty education program. The majority of parents, however, want their children to be well informed about their sexual development. Most parents feel that the school has an important role in this process.
It is more realistic to view parents as potential supporters rather than potential adversaries. This can be accomplished by first gaining an understanding of how parents themselves have to adjust to the pubertal development of their children.

Parents are concerned about whether their children’s development is normal and healthy, particularly when children begin to assert their independence, establish stronger ties to their peers, and experience early adolescent mood swings. Parents are looking for assistance in adjusting to the changes that puberty bring to all family members. They also want to explore how they can assume an effective role in aiding the developmental process. Any help that the school can provide generally most welcome.

This lesson plan is designed to increase the possibility of home-school cooperation in preparing children for puberty. Background information on pubertal development is provided so parents have accurate information. Parents will receive support for their roles as the primary sex educators of their children. The lesson also informs parents about the school program and clarifies their understanding about what their children will be taught.

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