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Middle School Kit

This kit is ideal for those teaching middle school students the basics of health and sex education – includes lessons on puberty, bullying and understanding abstinence, perfect for educators to help students navigate this time of life. This kit includes: Changes, Changes, Changes Making Sense of Abstinence Let’s Erase Bullying Game On

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Featured Manuals Positive Images, Game On!, and Great Mentoring are three manuals that have so many fun interactive lessons geared towards teaching young people about contraception and safer sex and ways to foster healthy sexual decision making. Sex Ed Kits At the Center for Sex Education, we like to make things easy for you. So,… Read more »

School Health Sex Education Kit

The School Health Sex Education Kit is an excellent, comprehensive resource geared specifically to teaching students in grades 3 – 12. From 25 Great Lessons on Sexual Orientation, a resource for teaching on sexual orientation to Teaching Safer Sex, Abridged Edition, the topics include puberty education, healthy relationships, consent, gamified lesson plans, dealing with technology,… Read more »

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LESSON PLAN · NEW METHODS FOR PUBERTY EDUCATION OBJECTIVES: 1. To provide parents with background information about adolescent growth and development. 2. To inform parents of the goals and objectives of the puberty education program. 3. To provide parents with an opportunity to experience selected lessons from and the puberty education curriculum. 4. To familiarize… Read more »


LESSON PLAN · OLDER, WISER, SEXUALLY SMARTER OBJECTIVES Participants will: 1. Define intimacy. 2. Evaluate a variety of behaviors for degree of intimacy expressed. 3. Examine the “Triangular Theory of Love” for changes in characteristics as people age. 4. Identify common barriers to communication and intimacy. 5. Utilize Transactional Analysis as a strategy for overcoming… Read more »


LESSON PLAN · OLDER, WISER, SEXUALLY SMARTER A Vision of Sexual Rights OBJECTIVES Participants will: 1. Evaluate the rights described in the Declaration of Sexual Rights approved by the World Association for Sexual Health. 2. Identify which of these rights are commonly denied to seniors in the United States. 3. Recommend specific changes that may… Read more »


LESSON PLAN · STREETWISE TO SEX-WISE Dating Skills OBJECTIVES: Participants will: 1. Discuss with peers how people might behave in a variety of situations involving dating and sexual touch. 2. Discuss dating skills. 3. Listen to what teens of the other sex think about situations involving dating and sexual touch. RATIONALE: When researchers have asked… Read more »


LESSON PLAN · TEACHING SAFER SEX, VOLUME 2 Objectives By the end of this lesson, participants will be able to: 1. Describe how the concept of “safer sex” includes being safe from unwanted sexual activity. 2. Identify how traditional sex-role expectations may program girls to be victims and boys to be offenders. 3. Explain how… Read more »


LESSON PLAN · TEACHING SAFER SEX, VOLUME 2 A Lesson About Identity, Behavior, Perception and Risk By Lis Maurer, MS and Maureen Kelly Objectives By the end of this lesson, participants will be able to: 1. Explain the disparities between rates of unplanned pregnancy of lesbian, gay and bisexual youth, and heterosexual youth. 2. Describe… Read more »

CSE Staff

Meet the CSE Staff Ali Glaser, MSW, CSE Ali is the Vice President of Community Services at PPNCSNJ and has 20 years of experience in the fields of youth development and prevention. Ali provides training in the areas of leadership, non-profit management, grant writing, teen pregnancy prevention, adolescent development, parent-child communication and self-care. Prior to… Read more »


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