Nationally recognized sexuality educator and activist, Susie Wilson, offers selected stories from her life.

In Still Running , Susie Wilson’s memoir, the nationally recognized sexuality educator activist offers selected stories from her life which began with her traditional upper-class childhood in New York City in the 1930s. Wilson outgrew the restrictions imposed on young women of her time and went on to pursue a theater career, land a reporting position at Life magazine, join her husband, Donald Wilson, as he played a key role in John F. Kennedy’s presidential administration, and help First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy start the White House School for her daughter and other preschoolers.

The memoir also recounts Wilson’s friendship and world travels with Ethel and Bobby Kennedy that changed the course of her life as she began to understand and advocate for major educational and social issues including preventing unplanned teen pregnancy. She ultimately led the fight to create the statewide comprehensive sexuality education policy in New Jersey and helped implement it in the public schools as head of a national sexuality education organization based at Rutgers University.

Still Running is a moving story of one woman’s determination to change the lives of American teens through honest, accurate sexuality education in the public schools. It is also the story of one of Wilson’s other passions running which she began at 50 years old. She went on to complete the New York City Marathon at age 67.

“Are you still running?” many people ask Wilson. Her memoir answers this question in multiple, revealing ways as she recounts the ways as she recounts the creative path she forged to try to raise a loving family and make a difference in the world.

Still Running: A Memoir

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